[scripts] add HTTP address option for start_kudu.sh

This patch adds a new option to customize the IP address of the Kudu's
embedded HTTP server.  A couple of usage examples:

   ../../src/kudu/scripts/start_kudu.sh --webhost
   ../../src/kudu/scripts/start_kudu.sh -W

I also took the liberty to update the description of the flags to add
default values for each and update the naming of the flags that specify
the port numbers for the RPC and the HTTP endpoints while keeping the
script backwards-compatible
(i.e. it still understands the prior naming of the corresponding flags):

  * rpc-master  --> rpc-port-master
  * rpc-tserver --> rpc-port-tserver

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Reviewed-by: Yifan Zhang <chinazhangyifan@163.com>
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