KUDU-2612 Java client transaction API

This patch is focused on the API rather than the actual functionality
under the hood.  The functionality to do the heavy-lifting (i.e. issuing
RPC calls to TxnManager, retrying in case of transient errors, tests,
etc.) will be posted as a separate patch as per our discussion with
Andrew and Hao.

The proposed API is mirroring the API for the C++ client with a few
twists in the functions' signatures: the Java client uses exceptions
instead of return statuses, etc.

The asynchronous API bindings (i.e. bindings with Deferred<Xxx>) aren't
provided in this patch.  I'm not sure it makes any sense in investing
in that at this point given that I'm not aware of any users of the
asynchronous Kudu client API except for Java Kudu client itself.
If necessary, we can add AsyncKuduTransaction with appropriate semantics
later on.

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