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<p class="lead">This page lists all running scans and last {{scan_history_count}} completed scans.
The number of historical scans is configurable with the <samp>--scan_history_count</samp> flag.</p>
<table class="table table-striped">
<th>Tablet id</th>
<th>Scanner id</th>
<th title="pseudo-SQL query description">Query</th>
<th title="amount of time that the scanner was/has been open on the server">Duration</th>
<th title="number of round trips">Round trips</th>
<th title="elapsed time since the scan started">Time since start</th>
<th title="{{timing_title}}">Timing</th>
<th>Column Stats</th>
<td><a href="{{base_url}}/tablet?id={{tablet_id}}"><samp>{{tablet_id}}</samp></a></td>
{{! The query string is pre-formatted HTML, so don't escape it (triple-brace). }}
<td title="{{duration_title}}">{{duration}}</td>
<td title="{{time_since_start_title}}">{{time_since_start}}</td>
<td>real: {{wall_secs}} user: {{user_secs}} sys: {{sys_secs}}</td>
<table class="table table-striped">
<th title="cells read from the column (disk or cache), exclusive of the MRS">cells read</th>
<th title="bytes read from the column (disk or cache), exclusive of the MRS">bytes read</th>
<th title="CFile data blocks read from the column (disk or cache)">blocks read</th>
<td title="{{cells_read_title}}">{{cells_read}}</td>
<td title="{{bytes_read_title}}">{{bytes_read}}</td>
<td title="{{blocks_read_title}}">{{blocks_read}}</td>