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// Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
// or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
// distributed with this work for additional information
// regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
// to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
// "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
// with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
// software distributed under the License is distributed on an
// KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the
// specific language governing permissions and limitations
// under the License.
apply plugin: "scala"
apply from: "$rootDir/gradle/shadow.gradle"
dependencies {
compile project(path: ":kudu-backup-common")
compile project(path: ":kudu-client", configuration: "shadow")
compile (libs.scopt) {
// Make sure wrong Scala version is not pulled in.
exclude group: "org.scala-lang", module: "scala-library"
compile libs.scalaLibrary
compile libs.slf4jApi
provided libs.hadoopClient
optional libs.yetusAnnotations
testCompile project(path: ":kudu-test-utils", configuration: "shadow")
testCompile libs.hadoopMiniCluster
testCompile libs.junit
testCompile libs.scalatest
// kudu-backup-tools has no public Javadoc.
javadoc {
enabled = false
tasks.withType(com.github.spotbugs.snom.SpotBugsTask) {
// This class causes SpotBugs runtime errors, so we completely ignore it from analysis.
classes = classes.filter { !it.path.contains("BaseTestKuduBackupCleaner") }