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Kibble Scanner Application

The Kibble Scanners collect information for the Kibble Suite.

Setup instructions:

  • Edit conf/config.yaml to match your Kibble service

How to run:

  • On a daily/weekly/whatever basis, run: python3 src/

Command line options:

usage: [-h] [-o ORG] [-f CONFIG] [-a AGE] [-s SOURCE]
                         [-n NODES] [-t TYPE] [-e EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...]]
                         [-v VIEW]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o ORG, --org ORG     The organisation to gather stats for. If left out, all
                        organisations will be scanned.
  -f CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        Location of the yaml config file (full path)
  -a AGE, --age AGE     Minimum age in hours before performing a new scan on
                        an already processed source. --age 12 will not process
                        any source that was processed less than 12 hours ago,
                        but will process new sources.
  -s SOURCE, --source SOURCE
                        A specific source (wildcard) to run scans on.
  -n NODES, --nodes NODES
                        Number of nodes in the cluster (used for load
  -t TYPE, --type TYPE  Specific type of scanner to run (default is run all
  -e EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...], --exclude EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...]
                        Specific type of scanner(s) to exclude
  -v VIEW, --view VIEW  Specific source view to scan (default is scan all

Directory structure:

  • conf/: Config files
  • src/:
    • Main script for launching scans
    • plugins/:
      • brokers: The various database brokers (ES or JSON API)
      • utils: Utility libraries
      • scanners: The individual scanner applications

Currently available scanner plugins:

  • Apache Pony Mail (plugins/scanners/
  • Atlassian JIRA (plugins/scanners/
  • BugZilla Issue Tracker (plugins/scanners/
  • BuildBot (plugins/scanners/
  • Discourse (plugins/scanners/
  • Gerrit Code Review (plugins/scanners/
  • Git Repository Fetcher (plugins/scanners/
  • Git Census Counter (plugins/scanners/
  • Git Code Evolution Counter (plugins/scanners/
  • Git SLoC Counter (plugins/scanners/
  • GitHub Issues/PRs (plugins/scanners/
  • GitHub Traffic Statistics (plugins/scanners/
  • GNU Mailman Pipermail (plugins/scanners/
  • Jenkins (plugins/scanners/
  • Travis CI (plugins/scanners/


  • cloc version 1.76 or later (optional)
  • git binaries
  • python3 (3.3 or later)
  • python3-elasticsearch
  • python3-certifi
  • python3-yaml

Get involved

TBD. Please see for details!