Apache Kibble - a tool to collect, aggregate and visualize data about any software project

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This is old version of Apache Kibble

This repo contains archived code for Kibble v1. The current development for Apache Kibble happens at https://github.com/apache/kibble.

Apache Kibble

Apache Kibble is a tool to collect, aggregate and visualize data about any software project that uses commonly known tools. It consists of two components:

  • Kibble Server (this repository) - main database and UI Server. It serves as the hub for the scanners to connect to, and provides the overall management of sources as well as the visualizations and API end points.
  • Kibble scanners (kibble-scanners) - a collection of scanning applications each designed to work with a specific type of resource (git repo, mailing list, JIRA, etc) and push compiled data objects to the Kibble Server.


For information about the Kibble project and community, visit our web site at https://kibble.apache.org/.

Live demo

If you would love to try Kibble without installing it on your own machine try the online demo of the Kibble service: https://demo.kibble.apache.org/.


For installation steps see the documentation.


We welcome all contributions that improve the state of the Apache Kibble project. For contribution guidelines check the CONTRIBUTING.md.