Apache Karaf HTTP Resource Example


Apache Karaf supports HTTP resources artifact. It's very simple bundle that just register an empty resource service.

The actual resources (images, static HTML pages, ...) are in a folder in the bundle. The resource service properties configures the location of the resource and the HTTP context (pattern or HTTP location) where to expose these resources.


  • karaf-http-resource-example-whiteboard is a HTTP resource bundle that use an empty resource service (using SCR) to be taken by the Karaf HTTP service whiteboard.
  • karaf-http-resource-example-features is a features repository used for the deployment.


The build uses Apache Maven. Simply use:

mvn clean install

Features and Deployment

On a running Karaf instance, register the features repository:

karaf@root()> feature:repo-add mvn:org.apache.karaf.examples/karaf-http-resource-example-features/LATEST/xml

Then, you can install the karaf-http-resource-example-whiteboard feature:

karaf@root()> feature:install karaf-http-resource-example-whiteboard


The karaf-http-resource-example-whiteboard registers HTTP resource pattern.

You can see it using http:list command:

karaf@root()> http:list 
ID │ Servlet         │ Servlet-Name          │ State       │ Alias      │ Url
54 │ ResourceServlet │ /example/*:/resources │ Deployed    │ /example/* │ [/example/*]

You can acces the resources using your browser on http://localhost:8181/example/index.html URL.