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Apache Karaf Wicket WebConsole
The base idea of this project is to take the current felix webconsole (we use in Karaf), base it
on wicket and handle the entire thing on pax-wicket. Based on this method it should
be very simple to provide an VERY configurable and extendable webconsole which should
be much easier to write than the current one based on plain jscript and servlets.
This version uses the current snapshot of the OPS4J Pax Wicket Project. Although snapshots
are available via Sonatype please make sure that you've the latest build of Pax Wicket master
in your local .m2 repositories:
Instructions to build and deploy the project
1) Download the code from : webconsole
2) Build it : mvn clean install -Dtest=false
3) Download Karaf from here :
4) Unzip/untar it and open a DOS/Unix shell
5) Go to bin directory and start Karaf bin/karaf.bat or bin/.karaf
6) Execute the following instructions :
features:addurl mvn:org.apache.karaf.webconsole/apache-karaf-webconsole/0.3.0-SNAPSHOT/xml/features
features:install webconsole-wicket
7) Open cns website in your browser : http://localhost:8181/cns/