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Apache Karaf Website

This project contains the Apache Karaf website.


The concrete repository is on the svn but if you want to contribute, you have to clone the Github repository which is a mirror and provide a pull request with your changes. You can find more informations about how to contribute on the community page of the project (


git clone


Karaf website uses jekyll to build (generate the HTML resources).

To install Jekyll, refer to

Once Jekyll is installed, you can build website using:

bundle exec jekyll serve

This command builds website and start the local Jekyll server on http://localhost:4000

NB: your local Jekyll installation might need additional modules required by Apache Karaf website. Just run bundle install to install these modules.


Build the site for production:

JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll build

Package the war:

mvn clean install

You can test the war with Jetty embedded and visit http://localhost:8080/ :

mvn jetty:run

Deploy on scm

mvn install scm-publish:publish-scm