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Example for combining reactor and mqtt

This example shows how to build some integrations using reactor and reactive components.

MqttEmitter creates an unbounded list of Integers count up from 0 and sends them to the mqtt topic “input”.

MqttExampleComponent receives Integers from the topic “input”, computes the average over a sliding window of 2 elements and writes the results to the topic “output”.

MqttReceiver listens on the topic “output” and writes the message to the log.

This example show how to combine reactor with an protocols in a loosely coupled way that does not strictly couple your user code to the protocol.

EventAdminExample listens on the topic eainput and sends to eaoutput. You can use the karaf event admin commands to test it.


Install and start a MQTT server. I recommend using mosquitto. You also need a MQTT client.


config:property-set -p component.mqtt.MqttComponent serverUrl tcp://localhost:1883
feature:repo-add mvn:org.apache.karaf.rcomp/rcomp-features/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/xml/features
feature:install rcomp-examples



Start mqtt client

Subscribe to topic “output”. You should receive the following on the topic output: “1.5”, “2.5”, ...

This can also be seen in the karaf log.


event:send input a=b

The log should show that the event was received.