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Apache Kafka

See our web site for details on the project.

Building it

  1. ./sbt update
  2. ./sbt package
  3. ./sbt assembly-package-dependency

To build for a particular version of Scala (either 2.8.0, 2.8.2, 2.9.1, 2.9.2 or 2.10.1), change step 2 above to: 2. ./sbt “++2.8.0 package”

To build for all supported versions of Scala, change step 2 above to: 2. ./sbt +package

Running it

Follow instuctions in http://kafka.apache.org/documentation.html#quickstart

Running unit tests

./sbt test

Building a binary release zip or gzipped tar ball

./sbt release-zip ./sbt release-tar The release file can be found inside ./target/RELEASE/.

Other Build Tips

Here are some useful sbt commands, to be executed at the sbt command prompt (./sbt). Prefixing with "++ " runs the command for a specific Scala version, prefixing with “+” will perform the action for all versions of Scala, and no prefix runs the command for the default (2.8.0) version of Scala. -

tasks : Lists all the sbt commands and their descriptions clean : Deletes all generated files (the target directory). compile : Compile all the sub projects, but not create the jars test : Run all unit tests in all sub projects release-zip : Create all the jars, run unit tests and create a deployable release zip release-tar : Create all the jars, run unit tests and create a deployable release gzipped tar tall package: Creates jars for src, test, docs etc projects : List all the sub projects project sub_project_name : Switch to a particular sub-project. For example, to switch to the core kafka code, use “project core-kafka”

The following commands can be run only on a particular sub project - test-only package.test.TestName : Runs only the specified test in the current sub project run : Provides options to run any of the classes that have a main method. For example, you can switch to project java-examples, and run the examples there by executing “project java-examples” followed by “run”

For more details please see the SBT documentation


Kafka is a new project, and we are interested in building the community; we would welcome any thoughts or patches. You can reach us on the Apache mailing lists.

To contribute follow the instructions here:

We also welcome patches for the website and documentation which can be found here: