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Juneau Pet Store Application

A sample application that shows the capabilities of the Juneau REST platform with Spring Boot and other technologies to produce end-to-end REST microservices.

Juneau provides the following capabilities:

  • Ability to serialize/parse Java POJOs to a wide variety of languages.
  • Ability to construct REST interfaces using annotated POJOs.
  • Ability to create Java interface proxies against remote REST interfaces.

The project is broken down into the following subprojects:

  • juneau-petstore-api - Contains the Java interface and DTOs for the petstore application.
  • juneau-petstore-server - Contains the server-side Java implementation of the petstore Java interface as a REST resource.
  • juneau-petstore-client - Contains the client-side Java proxy of the petstore Java interface.

More information for this project can be found here

Jira Issues

  • JUNEAU-148 - Replace exiting persistence with Spring Data.
  • JUNEAU-149 - Add UI on top of PetStore application.
  • JUNEAU-150 - Use Spring Security to add user roles to HTTP requests.
  • JUNEAU-151 - Add Spring Cache support.
  • JUNEAU-152 - Add a docker-compose deployment yaml and documentation.
  • JUNEAU-153 - Add login/logout support.
  • JUNEAU-154 - Add mock testing.