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This project is a complete port of the Java juddi-client project.
-.NET 3.5
-Nunit 2.6.1 or better
Build Instructions
msbuild.exe\ /p:Configuration=Debug /p:Platform="Any CPU" /m
Integration Tests
Start Tomcat or a container with jUDDIv3.war deployed (and working!)
Some quick notes on usage.
This assembly is not signed (mostly to make portability easier). You'll probably need to sign it at somepoint. Consult Microsoft documentation on how to do this.
Start your own .NET project
Add a reference to
Add a copy of\uddi.xml (set it to copy to output directory always)
Follow the patterns in the example projects and consult the documentation
Important, you'll want to run in your code something similar to what's in the code for juddi-client-installer.
It's purpose to solely to register the logging system with windows and it requires elevated privledges to do so.