vulnerability report addressed, it was rejected
diff --git a/board-reports/2019-10.txt b/board-reports/2019-10.txt
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--- a/board-reports/2019-10.txt
+++ b/board-reports/2019-10.txt
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 disclosures, fixed on that release. This release included JSPWIKI-1114,
 an external contribution noted on previous report.
+This quarter we've also had another vulnerability report which has been
 ## Community Health:
 Uptick of e-mails at most probably related to 2.11.0.M5
@@ -30,7 +33,4 @@
 amount of questions and follow ups on July.
 No questions unanswered on MLs, project remains with enough oversight, with 
-usual slow pace of development.
-<private>There is one vulnerability report which still needs to be
- studied/addressed.</private>
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+usual slow pace of development.
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