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  1. b96158e JCLOUDS-1532 - Update SSHJ + JSCH (#57) by Colm O hEigeartaigh · 7 weeks ago master
  2. 11d05ac JCLOUDS-1529: Do not export org.jclouds.json.gson.internal (#56) by Markus Alexander Kuppe · 8 weeks ago
  3. 3a338da JCLOUDS-1528 - Use TLS instead of SSL in SSLContext.getInstance (#55) by Colm O hEigeartaigh · 8 weeks ago
  4. 18da28a Downgrade BouncyCastle to 1.60, which works with Oracle JDK 1.7 (#54) by Colm O hEigeartaigh · 9 weeks ago
  5. 30830bf JCLOUDS-1526 - Update BouncyCastle dependency (#53) by Colm O hEigeartaigh · 10 weeks ago


Apache jclouds is an open source multi-cloud toolkit for the Java platform that gives you the freedom to create applications that are portable across clouds while giving you full control to use cloud-specific features.

For more information about using or contributing to jclouds, please visit our website at jclouds.apache.org.


Copyright (C) 2009-2019 The Apache Software Foundation

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0