author: Andrew Phillips comments: true date: 2014-08-04 23:00:00+00:00 layout: post slug: 1-release-2-committers title: 1 release, 2 committers...a busy week for jclouds! image: /img/posts/chris-and-andrea.jpg

There‘s a lot going on this week for the jclouds community. Most importantly, we’re really pleased to introduce two new committers: Andrea Turli and Chris Custine.

Andrea has been involved with jclouds for quite a while, working previously on the libvirt and vSphere compute providers. He's recently brought SoftLayer support up to speed and contributed the new Docker provider, which is a really exciting addition.

Chris also has a lot of prior experience with many areas of jclouds, including Chef and Karaf, as well as contributing to a number of projects in the surrounding ecosystem. He's recently worked on OpenStack, especially on getting HP Cloud's compute and blobstore providers back in shape.

Both Andrea and Chris have been active in the jclouds community too, regularly contributing to discussions and helping to answer questions on the mailing lists and IRC. We're very glad to have both on board!

In other news: we've been busy getting the 1.8.0 release ready, which (advance warning here!) will be the last jclouds release to support Java 6. More details to come once the release has been this space!