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We are very near beta, I promise! In the mean time, we just cut a new codebase with a bunch of cool new toys. Here's a few. Thanks to Adam Lowe, we are getting even deeper into OpenStack with more Keystone support than ever. Setup your code to pull org.jclouds.labs/openstack-keystone, and you can do stuff like this.

{% highlight java %} ContextBuilder contextBuilder = ContextBuilder.newBuilder(“openstack-keystone”); RestContext keystone = contextBuilder .credentials(“tenantId:user”, “password”) .endpoint(“https://keystone:35357”) .build();

for (String regionId : keystone.getApi().getConfiguredRegions()) { AdminClient adminClient = keystone.getApi().getAdminClientForRegion(regionId); for (Tenant tenant : adminClient.listTenants()) { // ... } } {% endhighlight %}

Also pro, is our new Amazon CloudWatch support from Jeremy Whitlock. This is our first complete renovation of an AWS api to have the same look/feel as our new OpenStack stuff. Just add a dependency on org.jclouds.providers/aws-cloudwatch and you can do this!

{% highlight java %} ContextBuilder contextBuilder = ContextBuilder.newBuilder(“aws-cloudwatch”); RestContext cloudwatch = contextBuilder .credentials(“accessKey”, “secretKey”) .build();

for (String regionId : cloudwatch.getApi().getConfiguredRegions()) { MetricClient metricClient = cloudwatch.getApi().getMetricClientForRegion(regionId); for (Metric metric : metricClient.listMetrics()) { // ... } } {% endhighlight %}

And for the jenkins users, we also have an api for remote job and computer control, at org.jclouds.labs/jenkins!

{% highlight java %} ContextBuilder contextBuilder = ContextBuilder.newBuilder(“jenkins”); RestContext localhost =;

Node master = localhost.getApi().getMaster(); localhost.getJobClient().createFromXML(“newJob”, xmlAsString); {% endhighlight %}

This is especially helpful with the new jclouds-plugin, which uses jclouds to spin up new slaves and publish artifacts to BlobStore. Tons more in there, too.

Definitely play around, and let us know how it works!