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For those of you in Stockholm, or coming in for Jfokus, don't miss out on a few nearby events.

  • 8 Feb: jcloudsTraining@Citerus - First comprehensive jclouds training, a 3-day dive into ComputeService led by Mattias Holmqvist and I.
  • 15 Feb: MultiPaaS@Jfokus - Multi-PaaS session by Andrew Phillips, including decision making in PaaS and experiences taking our Google App Engine demo to CloudBees.
  • 15 Feb: Meetup@Jfokus - Hear about what's new in jclouds 1.3, talk about cool jclouds core, integrations, and cloudy stuff in Sweden.

I'll also be doing some cloud tracking at JFokus and generally available for beer :) See you in freezing Stockholm!