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title: Release Notes Beta 8
## Introduction
We resolved [23 issues](
in our jclouds 1.0-beta-8 release. While mostly a bugfix release we have a few notable features to discuss.
## New Features
* Tested support for a [peer1-storage](
* jclouds can now persist credentials of started nodes across contexts, which allows you
to run scripts without ever knowing the login credentials of nodes.
* Integration tests are stronger including os version match tests and running web services on launched nodes
* Stabalized terremark ecloud support
## API Breaking Changes
* `EC2Hardware object` has been removed in favor of the base `Hardware` class.
* `` is now `ScriptBuilder.render` so that it can implement the `Statement` interface.
## Known Issues
* trmk-ecloud
* only the centos template work in ComputeService
* slicehost
* note that soft followed by hard reboot ends often throws a server error saying wait.
* bluelock-vcdirector/vcloud
* you have to copy vAppTemplates into your catalog from the public one before they can be used.
* ComputeService has no hooks for changing the hardware yet
* eucalyptus tests skipped due to no resources on the test cloud
* the following providers are unstable
* rimuhosting