layout: releasenotes title: Release Notes for Version 2.3.0 date: 2019-10-21 20:00:00 release_notes: true permalink: /releasenotes/2.3.0/

  1. Introduction
  2. Release Highlights
  3. Known Issues
  4. Credits
  5. Test Results


Apache jclouds 2.3.0 is a first major release after a long period of time. In this release we have focused on modernizing the codebase and upgraded many dependencies which should help users with more modern environments. You can read the official announcement here. To get started with jclouds, please see the jclouds installation guide.

Release Highlights

New features in Apache jclouds 2.3.0 include:

  • Upgradings Guava, Guice, and GSON dependencies

Bugs and patches

New Feature

The complete list of fixed issues and improvements can be found here.

Known Issues


jclouds would like to thank everyone who contributed time and effort in order to make this release happen:

  • Apache jclouds PMC and community for verifying the release.
  • Check out who has been busy on Open Hub.

Test Results

Please see the discussion and the vote threads for live test results for 2.3.0: