layout: releasenotes title: Release Notes for Version 1.9.2 date: 2016-01-16 12:00:00 release_notes: true permalink: /releasenotes/1.9.2/

  1. Introduction
  2. Credits
  3. Test Results


You can read the official announcement at Apache jclouds 1.9.2 released. To get started with jclouds, please see the jclouds installation guide.

This is a bugfix release. The following list shows the fixed issues and improvements:


  • JCLOUDS-991 - Usage records for Volume usage allow a size field not handled by JClouds.
  • JCLOUDS-1004 - Update the Go2Cloud endpoint.
  • JCLOUDS-1012 - project and projectId not supported in JClouds as parameters in a usage record for Cloudstack.
  • JCLOUDS-1020 - Docker BuildOptions use wrong query parameter for image tagging.
  • JCLOUDS-1021 - Add JavaDoc to repoTags() value in org.jclouds.docker.domain.Image.
  • JCLOUDS-1022 - Provide a mechanism to deal with the rate limit in DigitalOcean.
  • JCLOUDS-1023 - DigitalOcean throws an NPE in the getImage() method if the image does not exist.
  • JCLOUDS-1024 - The ImageExtension fails to create image if droplet is already stopped.
  • JCLOUDS-1027 - digitalocean2 request incorrect droplet.


  • JCLOUDS-1010 - Test Dockerfile: Consider using DropBear in Busybox instead of OpenSSH in Ubuntu.
  • JCLOUDS-1014 - Docker: Add possibility to change loginPort.

New Feature

  • JCLOUDS-891 - Add CloudSigma Miami region.
  • JCLOUDS-1001 - Add Google Compute preemptible support.
  • JCLOUDS-1017 - Add tagImage() method to ImageApi in Docker provider.


jclouds would like to thank everyone who contributed time and effort in order to make this release happen:

  • Apache jclouds PMC and community for verifying the release.
  • Josef Cacek for all his contributions to the Docker provider.
  • Check out who has been busy on Open Hub.

Test Results

Please see the discussion thread and the vote thread for test results for 1.9.2.