layout: releasenotes title: Release Notes for Version 1.9.0 date: 2015-03-29 12:00:00 release_notes: true permalink: /releasenotes/1.9.0/

  1. Introduction
  2. Core
  3. Compute improvements
  4. BlobStore improvements
  5. API Changes
  6. Known Issues
  7. Credits
  8. Test Results


You can read the official announcement at Apache jclouds 1.9.0 released. You can read the details of the specific JIRA issues addressed in this release at the JIRA Release Notes.

To get started with jclouds, please see the jclouds installation guide.

Core improvements

  • Configured the Animal Sniffer plugin to make sure the code is runtime compatible with Java 6. This will help us support Android.
  • Refactored the OkHttp driver to use the native API
  • Added a clean way to customize SSL/TLS connections using the OkHttp driver to avoid POODLE.

Compute improvements

  • Added AWS Frankfurt region
  • Added AWS signature v4
  • Added C4 instance types to AWS EC2
  • Initial support for Azure Compute
  • Added authentication to the Docker provider
  • Added the ProfitBricks API
  • Added the Shipyard API
  • Added San José and Honolulu regions to CloudSigma
  • Improved Google Compute Engine Compute support
  • Chef has been promoted to the main repo and updated to support Chef 12
  • Improved Google Compute Engine to use AutoValue

BlobStore improvements

  • Support for > 2 GB single-part uploads on Java 7
  • Support portable setting and getting container and object ACLs (public-read and private)
  • Support portable multi-object delete
  • Improved multi-part upload compatibility with InputStream Payload
  • Add support for user metadata with filesystem provider
  • Add multi-part upload support for generic S3

API Changes

  • Downgraded Guava dependency to 16.0.1 but code will now support also versions 17 and 18.
  • Removed all async interfaces from all apis and providers
  • Generic S3 no longer defaults to an AWS endpoint
  • Require Azure API 2012-02-12 to allow support after August 2015
  • Require Java 7 to use filesystem provider (enables user metadata support)

Known Issues

  • Amazon S3 does not support signature v4 or Frankfurt
  • Filesystem provider does not support user metadata on Mac OS X due to OpenJDK issue 8030048


jclouds would like to thank everyone who contributed time and effort in order to make this release happen:

  • Google and Microsoft for providing resources to support and develop the Google Compute Engine and Azure Compute providers.
  • Apache jclouds PMC and community for verifying the release.
  • Check out who has been busy on Open Hub.

Test Results

Please see the discussion thread and the vote thread for test results for 1.9.0.