layout: releasenotes title: Release Notes for Version 1.8.1 date: 2014-10-24 12:00:00 release_notes: true permalink: /releasenotes/1.8.1/

  1. Introduction
  2. Highlights
  3. API Changes
  4. Known Issues
  5. Credits
  6. Test Results


You can read the official announcement at Apache jclouds 1.8.1 released. You can read the details of the specific JIRA issues addressed in this release at the JIRA Release Notes.

To get jclouds, please see the jclouds installation guide.


  • Support for Google Cloud Storage
  • Graduation of OpenStack Swift. The group ID changes

from {% highlight xml %} org.apache.jclouds.labs openstack-swift 1.8.0 {% endhighlight %} to {% highlight xml %} org.apache.jclouds.apis openstack-swift 1.8.1 {% endhighlight %}

API Changes

Known Issues

  • Unfortunately openstack-neutron was broken in this release. If you depend on it, please skip this version.


jclouds would like to thank everyone who contributed time and effort in order to make this release happen:

  • Apache jclouds PMC and community for verifying the release.
  • Check out who has been busy on Open Hub.

Test Results

Please see the discussion thread and the vote thread for test results for 1.8.1.

See this blog post for more information on POODLE and jclouds.