layout: releasenotes title: Release Notes for Version 1.8.0 date: 2014-08-05 12:00:00 release_notes: true permalink: /releasenotes/1.8.0/

  1. Introduction
  2. Highlights
  3. API Changes
  4. Known Issues
  5. Reminder
  6. Credits
  7. Test Results


You can read the official announcement at Apache jclouds 1.8.0 released. You can read the details of the specific JIRA issues addressed in this release at the JIRA Release Notes.

To get jclouds, please see the jclouds installation guide.


  • jclouds 1.8.0 introduces initial support for Amazon Glacier, sponsored by Google Summer of Code and written by Roman Coedo. This blobstore provider includes support for the portable abstraction but has vastly different semantics for blob naming and retrieval.
  • Support for Docker.
  • Refactored Code supporting OpenStack Neutron.
  • New Rackspace Auto Scale UK Provider and updated US region support.
  • This release requires Guava 17.0 and transitions most uses of InputSupplier to ByteSource.

API Changes

  • This release removes or deprecates most uses of Guava InputSupplier, including Strings2.toString. Callers should instead use ByteSource, ByteStreams2.toByteArrayAndClose, or Strings2.toStringAndClose. These changes ensure compatibility with future Guava releases.
  • BlobStore introduces a deleteContainerIfEmpty method which more accurately matches the semantics of some providers. Some providers like Azure have better performance with the existing delete method.
  • The resumeNodesMatching, suspendNodesMatching and rebootNodesMatching of the ComputeService now return the affected nodes.
  • Deprecates Neutron v2_0. Superseded by v2. Moves the code away from map-binders and parsers. Multiple interface changes.
  • RegionScopedBlobStoreContext deprecates configuredRegions(), blobStoreInRegion(String regionId), signerInRegion(String regionId), and asyncBlobStoreInRegion(String regionId).

Known Issues

  • Starting with 1.8.0, the HP Cloud Object Storage provider requires the region attribute to be specified explicitly. This attribute is now used to select the appropriate endpoint. If the region is not explicitly set, an arbitrary endpoint will be selected, which may differ from the endpoint chosen when using previous versions of jclouds. See the provider guide for an example of how to specify the region.
  • 1.8.0 includes an incomplete artifact for Google Cloud Storage. The jclouds team does not recommend its use and 1.8.1 will either complete support or remove this artifact.


jclouds would like to thank everyone who contributed time and effort in order to make this release happen:

  • Apache jclouds PMC and community for verifying the release.
  • Check out who has been busy on Open Hub.

Test Results

Please see the discussion thread and the vote thread for test results for 1.8.0.