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The release of jclouds Version 1.5 is the result of a collaboration between the jclouds team and our contributors. There are some notable updates in Version 1.5 that our users have been requesting. It is recommended that you upgrade to jclouds Version 1.5 if you are still using jclouds Version 1.4.

A total of 70 Issues were addressed between jclouds Version 1.4 and the current iteration of jclouds Version 1.5.

For further details, please see the Javadoc for jclouds Version 1.5. Release notes and Javadocs are also available for past versions of jclouds are also available in the Release Notes archive.

Notable Updates in jclouds Version 1.5

Many of you have been awaiting (or helping build) massive new support for OpenStack based clouds. There's even more, such as our new Jenkins Plugin and command-line utility. Notables below.

New and Updated Apis and Providers

  • New openstack-keystone and openstack-nova apis for OpenStack (Essex)
  • New swift-keystone which retrofits our old swift api for use in OpenStack KeyStone environments.
  • New hpcloud-compute and hpcloud-objectstorage providers for HP Cloud Services
  • New rackspace-cloudserver-us and rackspace-cloudservers-uk providers for the Rackspace Cloud
  • New trystack-nova provider for the free TryStack cloud
  • New sqs api and aws-sqs provider for Amazon SQS
  • Refactored cloudwatch api and aws-cloudwatch provider and added metrics features
  • Updated cloudstack api for CloudStack version 3.0
  • Updated chef api for Chef 0.10; first release to maven central!
  • Updated gogrid to support images

Core Updates

  • New Provider/ApiMetadata to get metadata associated with the provider or API being used internally in jclouds
  • New ImageExtension in ComputeService for clouds that support creating images based on existing nodes
  • New TemplateBuilderSpec for externalizing template configuration such as loginUser and imageId.
  • Refactored OSGi bundles so they no longer require fragments
  • New Api/AsyncApi naming conventions for Rest clients; formerly Client/AsyncClient. Formerly led to confusion especially when an api included Client features. For example, if the class was formerly named ServerClient, it will now be called ServerApi.

Other goodies

New Features to Watch in Labs

Disclaimer: These features are currently being developed and evaluated by our team and contributors. We cannot guarantee forwards and backwards compatibility for these features.

Deprecated Components and Non-backwards Compatible Changes

  • Removed the hpcloud-objectstorage-lvs provider. This has been replaced with the hpcloud-objectstorage provider.
  • Changed the authentication mechanism for HP Cloud. The change for hpcloud-objectstorage, which is to use password authentication by default instead of access key, will cause issues with existing implementations.
  • Replaced the class called ModifyRequest for users creating their own jclouds drivers. The replacement for this class is HttpRequest.Builder. This can be created from an existing request via request.toBuilder().

Assistance, Contributions, and Feedback

Visit our up-to-date examples site for assistance with jclouds. Also, check out recent jclouds integrations including jclouds Karaf, jclouds-chef and Jenkins.

Please submit your ideas and let us know if there are features you would like to see, need assistance with, or are interested in contributing.

Follow us on Twitter for updates.


To keep up with the latest on jclouds Version 1.5, please see issue 1089.


jclouds would like to thank the following sponsors and contributors:

  • Cloudsoft for its contributions toward OpenStack support, vcloud-director, image extension, and NodePool
  • HP Cloud for its contributions toward OpenStack support and NodePool
  • Alcatel Lucent for its sponsorship of OpenStack support and jclouds Version 1.5
  • VMware for sponsoring vcloud-director
  • All cloud providers who have facilitated testing for jclouds
  • Gustavo Morozowski, Andrew Kennedy, David Ribeiro Alves for their contributions on NodePool
  • David Ribeiro Alves for his contributions on the jclouds image extension
  • GĂ©rald Pereira and Adrian Cole for their contributions on joyentcloud
  • Andrew Bayer and Andrei Savu for their support on CloudStack 3.0
  • Jeremy Whitlock for his rewrite of cloudwatch
  • Matt Stephenson for his contributions on OpenStack Essex support
  • Andrew Phillips and Matt Stephenson for build improvements including BuildHive and duplicate dependency detection
  • Ioannis Canellos for the OSGi overhaul
  • Becca Wood for documenting the jclouds Version 1.5 release
  • Everyone else who contributed time and effort in order to make the release of jclouds Version 1.5 happen. Check out who has been busy here.

Test Results

Please see the test results for jclouds Version 1.5.

Maintenance Releases


Released on 2012-09-28, including small bugfixes and the following notable changes:

  • addressed signature issues in S3 when using path-based buckets in non-default regions
  • added missing QueueApi.get (by name) method in SQS
  • removed snapshot dep in abiquo


Released on 2012-10-15, including cleanups, minor fixes, and a few important updates:

  • support time-bound signatures for openstack swift implementations
  • new “name” parameter to ContextBuilder, which allows you to identify contexts based on used-supplied names.
  • fixed NPE on aws-ec2 w/vpc security groups
  • new parameters to set polling interval for node startup commands
  • support HP Cloud temporarily signed blobs when using accessKey authentication


Released on 2012-11-14, including minor fixes, and a few important updates:

  • new openstack-cinder and rackspace-cloudblockstorage-us/uk providers
  • add new Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region [ap-southeast-2]
  • new TagApi for ec2
  • handle network failures in large container (1M+) deletes in blobstore
  • jclouds-cli now provides a more intuitive file-based interface for reading and writing blobs.

Released on 2012-11-19 a bug fix release for jclouds-karaf with version 1.5.3_1 to address issues around the Obr Resolver.


Released on 2012-12-10, including minor fixes, and a few important updates:

  • renovate rackspace-cloudloadbalancers api
  • add S3 Multi-Object Delete
  • add OpenStack Nova diagnostics
  • throw RetryAfterException corresponding to slowdown messages from rackspace
  • remove net.oauth dependency


Released on 2013-01-13, including minor fixes, and a few important updates:

  • support subnetId with ec2 spot instances
  • remove jersey and aop dependencies
  • removed downstream dependencies on bouncycastle


Released on 2013-02-02, including the following notable updates. As this included a major bug, you should instead use 1.5.7.

  • updated to be compatible with CloudStack 4.1.x
  • support parsing of SmartOS and graceful node termination in joyentcloud
  • support runtime credentials updates through ContextBuilder.credentialsSupplier
  • temporary amazon key support with new aws-sts provider
  • new aws-route53 provider


Released on 2013-02-05, includes a critical fix to a regression in 1.5.6.


Released on 2013-02-26

  • added IAM and DNS enhancements


Released on 2013-03-18

  • addressed HTTP-related regressions from 1.5.8
  • support tunable OpenStack session intervals


Released on 2013-04-11

  • fixed circular dependency during Cloud Files initialization
  • caching Swift temporary URL keys