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The 1.2.2 release of jclouds is a bug fixing release that addresses some of the important issues we've discovered while developing the next major release (1.3.0) A total of 3 Issues were addressed.

As always, we keep our examples site up to date so you can see how to work this stuff. Next release is schedule for the beginning of January 2012. Look out for progress including vCloud1.5, Voxel, CloudStack and VirtualBox.

Please submit your own ideas and let us know if there are features you'd like to see, need help on, or are interested in contributing. Make sure you follow us on Twitter for updates.


Many thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort in order to make this release happen.

New Features

Amazon EC2 Enhancements

We now support the Oregon (us-west-2) and Sao Paolo (sa-east-1) datacenters


Defects Addressed

API Breakers

There are no api breakers in this release and nothing new has been deprecated. Deprecated methods will be removed in the next release.

Cool Stuff


Status of release 1.2.2 is tracked in issue 793

Test Results