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#OpenStack Poppy

OpenStack Poppy is a modular, vendor-neutral API, that wraps provisioning instructions for all CDN vendors that support it.

  • REST API for CDN service provisioning
  • Multi-tenant
  • Integrated with Keystone for Authentication
  • Integrated with Designate for dynamic CNAMEing
  • Support for CDN providers (Fastly, MaxCDN, CloudFront, Akamai, Edgecast)

##Running Live Tests

To run the Poppy live tests, execute the following command with your credentials and authentication endpoint:

$ mvn clean install -Plive -Dtest.openstack-poppy.identity=<username> -Dtest.openstack-poppy.credential=<password> -Dtest.openstack-poppy.endpoint=<keystone-auth-url>

##Production ready?

No. The OpenStack Poppy API is a beta API and is subject to change during it's development. APIs have @Beta annotations where applicable.

##Project Links