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= UI Element Style Guide
When creating a UI theme for Antora, there are certain elements in the UI that require support from the CSS to work correctly.
This list includes elements in the shell (i.e., frame) and in the document content.
This document identifies these UI elements.
//== UI Shell
== Document Content
The HTML in the main content area is generated from AsciiDoc using Asciidoctor.
AsciiDoc has numerous content elements that require assistance from CSS to render properly.
These elements include:
* xref:inline-text-styles.adoc[Inline text emphasis]
* xref:admonition-styles.adoc[Admonitions]
* xref:list-styles.adoc[Lists]
* xref:sidebar-styles.adoc[Sidebars]
* xref:ui-macro-styles.adoc[Button, keybinding, and menu UI macros]