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= Guice-JPA Server How-to
This server target single node James deployments. By default, the derby database is used.
== Requirements
* Java 11 SDK
== Running
To run james, you have to create a directory containing required configuration files.
James requires the configuration to be in a subfolder of working directory that is called
**conf**. A [sample directory](
is provided with some default values you may need to replace. You will need to update its content to match your needs.
You also need to generate a keystore with the following command:
$ keytool -genkey -alias james -keyalg RSA -keystore conf/keystore
Once everything is set up, you just have to run the jar with:
$ java -javaagent:james-server-jpa-guice.lib/openjpa-3.1.2.jar -Dlogback.configurationFile=conf/logback.xml -jar james-server-jpa-guice.jar
Note that binding ports below 1024 requires administrative rights.