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Apache James Standard Mailets
Release Notes
Apache James Standard Mailets is a collection of general purpose
mail processing agents with minimal dependencies.
Mailets are defined by the
Apache Mailet API (a framework assisting the rapid development of
email processing functionality see
This is the first independent release of this code. Previously
it was shipped as part of the Apache James Mail Server
(an advanced mail server see
This release is not dependent on that server but can be used in any Mailet container.
Since James Server 2.3.1
* Upgrade to Apache Mailet API 2.4 and Apache Mailets Base 1.0
* JAMES-728 - ClamAV and IOUtil updates to close streams/readers/writers and sockets
* JAMES-733 - Fix javadoc
* JAMES-579 - Update license headers and NOTICE to follow the latest ASF requirements