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<author email="">jSieve Project</author>
<section name="What is jSieve?">
jSieve is a Java implementation of the Sieve mail filtering language defined by
<a href=''>RFC 3028</a>. jSieve is implemented
as a language processor that can be plugged into any internet mail application to add
Sieve support.
jSieve is a subproject of <a href=''>Apache JAMES</a>.
All who are interested in developing jSieve and JAMES will be warmly
welcomed on the <a href='mail-lists.html'>mailing lists</a>.
<subsection name='What is Sieve?'>
Sieve is an extensible mail filtering language. It's limited expressiveness (no loops
or variables, no tests with side effects) allows user created scripts to be run
safely on email servers. Sieve is targeted at the final delivery phase
(where an incoming email is transferred to a user's mailbox).
Sieve scripts are composed of commands. Control commands manage the execution of the script.
Test commands define side-effect free criteria.
Action commands are mail operations to be performed.