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Oak Elastic Benchmark Jar

This jar is runnable and contains test related run modes.

The following runmodes are currently available:

* benchmark       : Run benchmark tests against different Oak repository fixtures.

See the subsections below for more details on how to use these modes.

Benchmark mode

The benchmark mode is used for executing various micro-benchmarks. It can be invoked like this:

$ java -jar oak-benchmarks-*.jar benchmark [options] [testcases] [fixtures]

The following benchmark options are required :

--elasticHost        - Elastic host server (e.g. localhost)
--elasticPort        - Elastic server port (e.g 9200)
--elasticScheme      - Eastic server scheme (e.g. http)

Example Command for benchmark execution

The below command executes ElasticPropertyFullTextSeparated

benchmark ElasticPropertyFullTextSeparated Oak-Segment-Tar --wikipedia Path_to_wiki_dump_xml --elasticHost localhost --elasticPort 9200 --elasticScheme http

Available benchmarks are listed in ElasticBenchmarkRunner

Some other useful JVM parameters are -

-Dlogback.configurationFile=<path to logback-benchmark>\logback-benchmark.xml (Useful for additional logging, Sample) -Druntime=180(Change the benchmark execution time, default is 60 seconds) -DskipWarmup=true(skip warmup test execution)

To add new benchmarks or to know about other options supported, please refer the README from oak-benchmarks at [0]

[0]Oak-Benchmarks README


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