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FileVault Documentation

The FileVault documentation lives as Markdown files in src/site/markdown such that it easy to view e.g. from GitHub. Alternatively the Maven site plugin can be used to build and deploy a web site as follows:

  1. From the reactor build the site with javadoc:

    $ mvn site
  2. Review the site at site/target/site

  3. Deploy the site to using:

    $ mvn site-deploy
  4. Finally review the site at${project.version}/index.html.

Note: To skip the final commit use -Dscmpublish.skipCheckin=true. You can then review all pending changes in target/scmpublish-checkout and follow up with svn commit manually.

Note: Every committer should be able to deploy the site. No fiddling with credentials needed since deployment is done via svn commit to

Update Documentation After Release

  1. Adjust the links to the site versions in src/site/site.xml

  2. Deploy the site of the released version as described above (by switching to the release tag)

  3. Copy the released version to the current one:

$ svn rm
$ svn cp${project.version} \
  1. Commit the changes from 1.

  2. deploy the snapshot site