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for 2.0.0-M2
- [REMOVED] @MemberGroupLayout
- contributed domain services (use mixins instead)
- org.apache.isis.applib.clock
- Clock singleton
- SwitchUserService
- AbstractFixtureSusa
- [DONE] (19 usages found)
- [REMOVED] - remove entire service (previously to support view models, but now @ViewModel and JAXB)
to change:
- automatically wrap domain services (perhaps behind a config property)
- automatically infer \@Programmatic for all \@DomainService(nature=DOMAIN)
support for legacy implementation of UrlEncodingService
- as an automatic fallback; has changed to use with compression by default.
inline paraname8 from incode platform
[DONE] remove isis-core-wicket-applib
- [DONE] contains only WicketDeveloperUtilitiesService, which is hidden anyway and seems to not be required.
update .xsd for layout, make render optional and deprecated.
- deprecate FixtureScripts service with view to removing from applib ... the framework provides an implementation by default
- get rid of automatic initialization of fields (perhaps behind a config property)
- deprecate the Apache Isis' DateTime classes for removal in the future) ... and probably all of the custom value types, subclasses of Magnitude
- merge metamodel and runtime
- remove *Installer
move ContentMappingServiceForCommandDto and ContentMappingServiceForCommandsDto from applib.conmap to
[DONE] IsisContext:
- [REMOVED] resetLogging()
TitleFacetViaAnnotation may not work if on a field, due to DN lazy loading.
[REMOVED] remove AbstractService from applib.
[REMOVED] remove AbstractViewModel from applib.
the stuff below here was working notes for 2.0.0-M1, not necessarily up to date.
- flag to make @Action mandatory, @Programmatic the default
not thread-safe:
boolean suppress;
public <T> T withPublishingSuppressed(final Block<T> block) {
try {
suppress = true;
return block.exec();
} finally {
suppress = false;
link:[ISIS-743] - @NotPersistable annotation
Below is the code currently deprecated in the applib, but I propose to retain even in 2.0.0 (on the grounds that a replacement for them is not fully designed):
org.apache.isis.applib.adapters - custom value type support
org.apache.isis.applib.annotation - entire annotation, part of custom value types support - entire annotation, part of custom value types support
org.apache.isis.applib.fixtures - "legacy" fixture support package ... by and large can use FixtureScripts (though not sure if there's feature parity in all cases)
org.apache.isis.applib.fixtures.switchuser - methods that pertain to the execution of the command and its completion (for that, use Interaction) [suggest we retain for now]
pushActionDomainEvent(ActionDomainEvent<?>) ( - retain
deprecate support for contributed services (use mixins instead)
new support for JSR-303 @Pattern annotation (, chapter 6) ... replaces @RegEx
DONE (MOVED) - moved to (Still useful as provide context for exceptions, for a "transcript" framework). - move to
org.apache.isis.applib.conmap.ContentMappingService to
make AppManifest mandatory
removed support for Xxx.layout.json
- "reflector.layoutMetadataReaders" config prop
removed support for static method prefixes
* "notInServiceMenu"
* "named"
* "plural"
* "alwaysHide"
* "protect"
* "description"
* "optional"
remove explorationXxx() prefix
org.apache.isis.applib.clock -
getTimeAsDate() -remove unused constructors (2 usages found) - remove entire service, use AuditerService instead (10 usages found) - remove entire class, use InteractionDto and CommandDto are used internally instead - remove methods using AIM, instead keep those using CommandDto (in BackgroundCommandService2)
asActionInvocationMemento(Method, Object, Object[]) - remove this internal API, no longer called by framework
Remove support for legacy persisted commands (beginning "<memento>...") (8 usages found) - pull up its methods into BookmarkService supertype, and delete , pull up its methods into ClassDiscoveryService supertype, and delete
startTransaction(Command, UUID) - no longer required to do anything, so remove - methods for working with interaction events (remove with those event types)
Command3 rolled up into Command - remove - remove - remove - remove - remove - remove - remove - remove
rolls ExceptionRecognizer2 up into ExceptionRecognizer and MetaModelService3 - pulled up to MetaModelService supertype - remove classes pertaining to original PublishingService (payload factories etc). - remove class - remove class - remove class - remove class - remove class - remove class - remove domain service interface - remove class
ServiceRegistry2 - roll up to ServiceRegistry - remove, used only by 3rd party code (incode platform settings module)
save() and wrapped() - remove to avoid name clashes, use __isis_Xxx() methods instead
org.apache.isis.applib.snapshot - remove, since unused
longValue() - use #millisSinceEpoch()
longValue() - use #millisSinceEpoch()
- titleOf ... use TitleService#titleOf(...) instead
- iconNameOf ... use TitleService#iconNameOf(...) instead
- flush() ... use TransactionService#flushTransaction instead
- informUser, warnUser, raiseError ... use MessageService
- getUser ... use UserService
- getProperty, getPropertyNames ... use ConfigurationService
- injectServicesInto, lookupService, lookupServices ... use ServicesRegistry
- newTransientInstance - use FactoryService#instantiate
- newAggregatedInstance - no replacement
- newPersistentInstance - no replacement
- newInstance - no replacement
- mixin - use FactoryService#mixin
- isPersistent, persistIfNotAlready, removeIfNotAlready - use RepositoryService instead
- deleted, not replacement (used only by incode platform)
- ditto
- ditto
org.apache.isis.core.objectstore.jdo.applib.annotations - remove package entirely - use @DomainObject(audited=...) instead.
org.apache.isis.objectstore.jdo.applib interface - use @DomainObject(audited=...) instead. - replaced by
- replaced by non-applib
- unused
ObjectFixtureService + supporting classes