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* or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
* distributed with this work for additional information
* regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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* specific language governing permissions and limitations
* under the License.
package client
import ""
const (
TimestampColumnName = "Time"
type SessionDataSet struct {
ioTDBRpcDataSet *IoTDBRpcDataSet
// Next prepares the next result row for reading,
// returns true on success, or false if there is no next result row or an error
// appened while preparing it.
// consulted Err should be consulted to distinguish between the two cases.
// This is not goroutine safe
func (s *SessionDataSet) Next() (bool, error) {
// GetText returns string value of column value on row.
// This is not goroutine safe
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetText(columnName string) string {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.getText(columnName)
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetBool(columnName string) bool {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.getBool(columnName)
func (s *SessionDataSet) Scan(dest ...interface{}) error {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.scan(dest...)
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetFloat(columnName string) float32 {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.getFloat(columnName)
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetDouble(columnName string) float64 {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.getDouble(columnName)
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetInt32(columnName string) int32 {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.getInt32(columnName)
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetInt64(columnName string) int64 {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.getInt64(columnName)
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetTimestamp() int64 {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.GetTimestamp()
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetValue(columnName string) interface{} {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.getValue(columnName)
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetRowRecord() (*RowRecord, error) {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.getRowRecord()
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetColumnCount() int {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.columnCount
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetColumnDataType(columnIndex int) TSDataType {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.columnTypeList[columnIndex]
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetColumnName(columnIndex int) string {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.columnNameList[columnIndex]
func (s *SessionDataSet) GetColumnNames() []string {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.columnNameList
func (s *SessionDataSet) IsIgnoreTimeStamp() bool {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.ignoreTimeStamp
func (s *SessionDataSet) IsClosed() bool {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.IsClosed()
func (s *SessionDataSet) Close() error {
return s.ioTDBRpcDataSet.Close()
func NewSessionDataSet(sql string, columnNameList []string, columnTypeList []string,
columnNameIndex map[string]int32,
queryId int64, client *rpc.TSIServiceClient, sessionId int64, queryDataSet *rpc.TSQueryDataSet,
ignoreTimeStamp bool, fetchSize int32, timeoutMs *int64) *SessionDataSet {
return &SessionDataSet{
ioTDBRpcDataSet: NewIoTDBRpcDataSet(sql, columnNameList, columnTypeList,
queryId, client, sessionId, queryDataSet,
ignoreTimeStamp, fetchSize, timeoutMs),