Apache IoTDB Client for C#

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Apache IoTDB Client for C#


This is the C# client of Apache IoTDB.

Apache IoTDB (Internet of Things Database) is a data management system for time series data, which can provide users specific services, such as, data collection, storage and analysis. Due to its light weight structure, high performance and usable features together with its seamless integration with the Hadoop and Spark ecology, IoTDB meets the requirements of massive dataset storage, high throughput data input, and complex data analysis in the industrial IoT field.

Apache IoTDB website: https://iotdb.apache.org Apache IoTDB Github: https://github.com/apache/iotdb


Install from NuGet Package

We have prepared Nuget Package for C# users. Users can directly install the client through .NET CLI. The link of our NuGet Package is here. Run the following command in the command line to complete installation

dotnet add package Apache.IoTDB

Note that the Apache.IoTDB package only supports versions greater than .net framework 4.6.1.


.NET SDK Version >= 5.0 
.NET Framework >= 4.6.1

How to Use the Client (Quick Start)

Users can quickly get started by referring to the use cases under the Apache-IoTDB-Client-CSharp-UserCase directory. These use cases serve as a useful resource for getting familiar with the client's functionality and capabilities.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the client's usage and explore more advanced features, the samples directory contains additional code samples.

Developer environment requirements for iotdb-client-csharp

.NET SDK Version >= 5.0
.NET Framework >= 4.6.1
ApacheThrift >= 0.14.1
NLog >= 4.7.9


  • Linux, Macos or other unix-like OS
  • Windows+bash(WSL, cygwin, Git Bash)

Command Line Tools

  • dotnet CLI
  • Thrift

Publish your own client on nuget.org

You can find out how to publish from this doc.