binary files that Apache IoTDBs website and documents use

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This repository is for storing the binary files for Apache IoTDB project's document, compiler etc..

For example, if you have a figure in docs/UserGuide/IoTDB-Introduction/ in Apache IoTDB's repository, then please create a folder docs/UserGuide/IoTDB-Introduction/What-is-IoTDB in this repository, put the figure into the folder, and naming a meaningful figure name to the figure.

Exception: if the markdown file name is, then you do not need to add new folder anymore. For example, if you want to add figures to docs/Download/, then you just need to create a folder docs/Download, and put all figures to the folder.

If you need to upload figure to some module's (For example, you want to add a figure into tsfile/, you have to obey the similar rule: create a folder tsfile, and put all figures there.