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Apache Infrastructure Website

This is the future of the Apache Infrastructure team's website. Work in progress; this is the long-term replacement for infra.a.o

How to build the Infra Site:

This builds the website and puts its pages in output/

virtualenv $venvname
source $venvname/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

git pull origin master

# Edit all the markdown! (infrastructure-website/content/pages/)

pelican -t theme

To preview:

cd output/
python -m pelican.server
# Browse to localhost:8000

Technical site documentation:

Any time you check in a file, the site regenerates: https://ci2.apache.org/#/builders/3


The gfm_reader.py script points to a specific directory on bb-slave1 for loading the libcmark-gfm.so and libcmark-gfmextensions.so libraries. The path should be adjusted for your local installation.

Run build_cmark.sh to build the two libraries. It is then helpful to create a directory (say, build_cmark/lib) with two symlinks from the .so to the longer, version-specific libraries that the above shell script builds.

Preview PRs

To stage a preview of what a PR would result in, be sure to name your branches using the preview/$foo syntax, for instance preview/cleanup-dec-2021. This will auto-build and -stage your changes and make them available at infra-$foo.staged.apache.org, i.e. infra-cleanup-dec-2021.staged.apache.org