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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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try {
node('windows-2016-1') {
def JAVA_JDK_9=tool name: 'JDK 1.9 (latest)', type: 'hudson.model.JDK'
echo "Testing with Java $JAVA_JDK_9"
def JAVA_JDK_8=tool name: 'JDK 1.8 (latest)', type: 'hudson.model.JDK'
echo "Testing with Java $JAVA_JDK_8"
def JAVA_JDK_7=tool name: 'JDK 1.7 (latest)', type: 'hudson.model.JDK'
echo "Testing with Java $JAVA_JDK_7"
def MAVEN_3_LATEST=tool name: 'Maven 3 (latest)', type: 'hudson.tasks.Maven$MavenInstallation'
echo "Testing with Maven $MAVEN_3_LATEST"
def MAVEN_2_LATEST=tool name: 'Maven 2 (latest)', type: 'hudson.tasks.Maven$MavenInstallation'
echo "Testing with Maven $MAVEN_2_LATEST"
def ANT_LATEST=tool name: 'Ant (latest)', type: 'hudson.tasks.Ant$AntInstallation'
echo "Testing with Ant $ANT_LATEST"
stage('JAVA 1.9 (Latest) on Windows'){
withEnv(["Path+JDK=$JAVA_JDK_9\\bin","JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_JDK_9"]) {
bat "java -version"
bat "javac -version"
} //end stage JAVA 1.9
stage('JAVA 1.8 (Latest) on Windows'){
withEnv(["Path+JDK=$JAVA_JDK_8\\bin","JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_JDK_8"]) {
bat "java -version"
bat "javac -version"
} //end stage JAVA 1.8
stage('JAVA 1.7 (Latest) on Windows'){
withEnv(["Path+JDK=$JAVA_JDK_7\\bin","JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_JDK_7"]) {
bat "java -version"
bat "javac -version"
} //end stage JAVA 1.7
stage('MAVEN 3 (Latest) on Windows'){
withEnv(["Path+JDK=$JAVA_JDK_8\\bin","Path+MAVEN=$MAVEN_3_LATEST\\bin","JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_JDK_8"]) {
bat "mvn -version"
} //end stage MAVEN 3
stage('MAVEN 2 (Latest) on Windows'){
withEnv(["Path+JDK=$JAVA_JDK_8\\bin","Path+MAVEN=$MAVEN_2_LATEST\\bin","JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_JDK_8"]) {
bat "mvn -version"
} //end stage MAVEN 2
stage('Ant (Latest) on Windows'){
bat "ant -version"
} //end stage ANT
} // end node windows-2016-1
} // end try
catch (e) {
echo 'Something went wrong'
throw e
} // end catch
finally {
node('ubuntu') {
emailext body: "See ${env.BUILD_URL}", recipientProviders: [[$class: 'CulpritsRecipientProvider'], [$class: 'FailingTestSuspectsRecipientProvider'], [$class: 'FirstFailingBuildSuspectsRecipientProvider']], replyTo: '', subject: "${env.JOB_NAME} - build ${env.BUILD_DISPLAY_NAME} - ${currentBuild.result}", to: ''