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<title>Web Site Staging Service for Git Repositories</title>
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<h1>Web Site Staging Service for Git Repositories:</h1>
<p>The web site staging service is managed by <kbd>.asf.yaml</kbd> in git repositories.</p>
<h2>Web site staging instructions:</h2>
<p>To enable staging of web sites, an entry can be added to the site repository's .asf.yaml file:</p>
<p>As an example, take the imaginary <kbd>yourproject-website.git</kbd> with an <kbd>.asf.yaml</kbd> file containing the following entry:</p>
<pre>staging<span style='color: #900;'>:</span><br/> profile<span style='color: #900;'>:</span> <span style='color: #008;'>foo</span></pre>
<p>this would stage the current branch at <a href=""></a> (meaning you can have multiple staging profiles and thus multiple branches staged for preview).<br/>
One can also omit the profile and stage directly at <a href=""></a> as such (tilde means "no value" in YAML):</p>
<pre>staging<span style='color: #900;'>:</span>
profile<span style='color: #900;'>:</span> <span style='color: #080;'>~</span></pre>
<h3>Preventing branch-override on cloning branch:</h3>
<p>One can set a protection on multitenancy, by specifying a <kbd>whoami</kbd> setting. If this does not match the current branch, no checkout/update will be made. Thus, one can have, on asf-site branch:</p>
<pre>staging<span style='color: #900;'>:</span>
profile<span style='color: #900;'>:</span> <span style='color: #008;'>test</span>
whoami<span style='color: #900;'>:</span> <span style='color: #008;'>asf-site</span></pre>
<p>When cloning that branch to a new branch, let's call it asf-site-copy, the staging web site server will notice that <kbd>whoami</kbd> does not match asf-site-copy, and ignore that branch until such a point where the <kbd>whoami</kbd> is updated to match.</p>
<h3>CMS/pelican sub-directories for static output:</h3>
<p>The staging site supports both the <kbd>content/</kbd> sub-dir as well as the pelican build <kbd>output/</kbd> sub-dir as the root directory for the web site. Thus, the web site root can either be:</p>
<li> The root of the git branch, OR</li>
<li> The <kbd>content/</kbd> directory in the root of the branch, OR</li>
<li> The <kbd>output/</kbd> directory in the root of the branch</li>
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