ASF Infrastructure Slack Bot (GnomeBot/Gnomey)

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  2. b57dd4e sort the output keys, for stability by Greg Stein · 4 weeks ago
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ASF Infrastructure Slack Bot (GnomeBot/Gnomey)


  • Blocky
    • Query if an IP is banned
    • Manipulate bans
  • Jira
    • Simple jira edits
      • Example: qbot: close infra-123456 fixed
    • Jira bridge
      • Replace the old bridge?
      • UI for the above simple edits?
  • Various nags?
  • Alerts and escalation?
  • Drop off messages, for when somebody wakes up / returns.


Qbot should be present in Infra's private team channel, and in #asfinfra for anybody to access/query/etc. This implies some kind of authn/authz system.