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## This file is a verbatim copy of hiera.yaml with the exception of the changed
# `datadir` which will properly point to the location of our hiera data as
# Vagrant rsyncs it to the machine
- yaml
- eyaml
- module_data
:datadir: /vagrant/data
:datadir: /vagrant/data
:gpg_gnupghome: /var/lib/puppet/.gnupg
:gpgpghome: /var/lib/puppet/.gnupg
:gpg_always_trust: true
# The ASF specific variables below are created in facter with customfact module.
- "nodes/%{clientcert}"
- "%{::asfosname}/%{::asfosrelease}"
- "colo/%{asfcolo}"
- "oem/%{::oem}"
- "common"
:logger: console