More flexible pelican config/run.

The current process assumes the content is placed into
"content". This is fixed through a new CONTENT_DIR variable.

generate_settings() makes some assumptions about the location of the
theme and any plugins. Clarify this with SETTINGS_DIR variable.

For now, just hack in a look for a "site" directory, which we knows
contains all of the above. If a "content" directory is present, then
it is the original layout, and we keep on rollin'

Added some docco at the head to specify what is needed to run this
script in a local dev/test scenario.
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Tools for using Pelican at the ASF


Step One: Build libcmark-gfm

$ mkdir /tmp/cm
$ cd /tmp/cm
$ /path/to/infrastructure-pelican/bin/
... (build output here)
export LIBCMARKDIR='/tmp/cm/cmark-gfm-0.28.3.gfm.12/lib'

Copy/paste/execute that printed export line for use in the following steps.

(of course, you may use any location of your choice; /tmp/cm is merely an example)

Installing libcmark-gfm via packages

TBD: install a .deb from

TBD: maybe a macOS variant?

TBD: maybe Windows?

Step Two

TBD: credentials need to provided in (eg.) bb2.txt

$ ./ --repo=www-site --theme theme/apache --min-pages=200