Standard plugins for ASF websites

All of these plugins are ALv2 except for asfgenid and toc which may be AGPL or permissive. This needs investigation.


Copies a directory trees to output outside of the Pelican processing of content and static files.


During initiation of Pelican reads in data models to global metadata.


Generates HeadingIDs, ElementID, and PermaLinks. This also generates ToC in a different style from toc.


Pelican plugin that processes ezt template Markdown through ezt and then GitHub Flavored Markdown. Used to create views of data models initiated by asfdata.


During initiation runs scripts that can be used to create content and static files.


Pelican plugin that processes Github Flavored Markdown(GFM) using the cmark library.


Generates Table of Contents for markdown. Only generates a ToC for the headers FOLLOWING the [TOC] tag, so you can insert it after a specific section that need not be include in the ToC.