On-Commit Commands

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On-Commit Commands

Simple daemon that runs commands when a commit to a certain source has happened.

Sample occ.yaml config:

  url: https://pubsub.apache.org:2070/commit
  user: user
  pass: pass

    topics: git/commit/some-git-repo-name
    oncommit: [/x1/git/run-git-trigger.sh, $branch, $hash]
    blamelist: notify@example.org
    blamesubject: Git trigger failure
    runas: username (optional)
    skiprest: true (optional - don't process any further commands matching this commit)
    topics: svn/commit/somedir
    changedir: some/subdir
    oncommit: /x1/git/run-svn-trigger.sh
    blamelist: notify@example.org
    blamesubject: Subversion trigger failure