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GHD Notifier - Email Templates

This directory contains the email templates used for notifying projects of updates to GitHub Discussions.

The templates consist of an email topic template (first line), followed by a double dash, --, and then finally the email body template.

If you wish to update the email template(s), please do so via a Pull Request.

You may use the following variables in the templates:

  • {action}: The generic action that happened (created/deleted/edited)
  • {user}: The GitHub user than initiated the action
  • {title}: The title of the discussion that was affected
  • {category}: The category slug for the discussion
  • {url}: The URL for the discussion or comment that was affected
  • {body}: The body of text, either the discussion itself or a comment.
  • {action_human}: If a comment happened, this is a human readable representation of the action
  • {recipient}: The mailing list this was sent to
  • {unsub}: The unsubscribe address of the mailing list this was sent to