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Apache Incubator Website


The website is built using JBake and a Groovy template. The builds for the website do require internet access.

Building & Running the site

There is a custom file that is used to build the website. You can call it with any of the arguments you would pass to jbake. The easiest way to use it is to run ./ -b -s this will start up JBake in a watching mode as you make changes it will refresh after a short period of time. While working with it locally, you'll notice that the site URLs redirect to, to change this edit and uncomment the line referencing localhost

Jenkins Setup

Commits to the jbake-site branch are automatically checked out and built using Once this goes live those commits will go against master. The jenkins job can be found at The result of the commits are pushed to the asf-site branch which are then published using gitwcsub


Most of the pages in the site are written using Asciidoctor. While it is a form of asciidoc it does have some syntax differences that are worth reviewing

Groovy Templates

The site templates are written in groovy scripts. Even though the files end with .gsp they are not GSP files and do not have access to tag libraries. You can run custom code in them, similar to what is done in homepage.gsp