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Apache Incubator Website

This is the content and build scripts for

Contributing to the website content

You can fork from, test your changes as described below and raise a pull request.

Use the general@incubator.a.o mailing list to contact the Incubator PMC which manages this website.

Automated publishing - Website and Clutch data

Commits to the master branch are automatically checked out and built using by the Incubator GIT Site - part 2 Jenkins job. The results are pushed to the content folder of the asf-site branch which is in turn published automatically to by the ASF's gitwcsub mechanism.

The data for takes longer to build so it is handled by a separate SVN Clutch Analysis - part 1 Jenkins job that runs the script that's scheduled to run regularly. The results are stored in the reserve folder of the asf-site branch

For now that Clutch data is still managed in svn, at , see the build scripts for more info. The projects folder (podling status pages) and the ip-clearance folders are also still in svn and the html is built using ant docs in the script.

Any build failures are reported to cvs@incubator.a.o mailing list.

Prerequisites for building the website locally

The website is built using JBake and Groovy templates. The builds for the website do require internet access.

  • Install JBake from
    • Currently it looks like version 2.6.0 or greater is required.
  • Create an environment variable JBAKE_HOME pointing to your JBake installation.
    • export JBAKE_HOME=/home/jenkins/tools/jbake/jbake-2.6.3
    • export JBAKE_HOME=/usr/local/Cellar/jbake/2.6.4
  • Ensure that you have a JVM locally, e.g. OpenJDK

Building & testing the site locally

To test the site locally, use

./ -b -s

This builds the site, serves it locally at http://localhost:8820/ and rebuilds the content fairly quickly if any changes are made.

That script can be called with any of the arguments you would pass to jbake.

Building the Clutch and Legacy SVN Content (if you know what you're doing)

Warning do not run the clutch build scripts unless you are sure you understand them, and please be careful not to commit any of the resulting assets and pages to the git master branch. That content and data is only committed to the asf-site branch's reservefolder as mentioned below.

The script can be used to build the Clutch data, but that‘s updated automatically by the Jenkins builds as mentioned below so it’s not required unless you want to test that.


Most of the pages in the site are written using Asciidoctor. While it is a form of asciidoc it does have some syntax differences that are worth reviewing

Groovy Templates

The site templates are written in groovy scripts. Even though the files end with .gsp they are not GSP files and do not have access to tag libraries. You can run custom code in them, similar to what is done in homepage.gsp and projectspage.gsp.

Clutch data files

In addition to the clutch pages several data files are provided: