[YUNIKORN-419] Add helm package to release tool (#24)

Documentation on how to release is missing information around packaging
and signing of the helm chart.
Add building the helm chart package to the release tool. Extend the
signing to include the helm package. Generate a digest (checksum) if
signing is not possible for updating the index file.

Add checks for the availability of gpg and helm tools on the path.

Fixes: #24
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Apache YuniKorn (Incubating) Release

This project provides the instructions and tools needed to generate Apache YuniKorn (Incubating) release artifacts. Reference:

Release Procedure

A simplified procedure:

  • Create a release branch in all git repos, such as branch-0.8
  • Stabilize the release
  • Create a tag and prepare to generate the release, e.g v0.8.0
  • Run the release tool to generate source code tarball, checksum and signature
  • Upload tarball, signature and checksum as a release candidate
  • Start a voting thread for the project followed by an incubator voting thread
  • Publish the release

The full procedure is documented in the release procedure.