Weex Apache Source Release

Weex produce SDKs to integrate with iOS/Android/Mobile web applications. This file will cover how to build Weex from command line. You can either use the script we provided or manually build from source step by step. See README.md for further information about the Weex Framework.

Weex SDK includes 3 different SDKs to use in corresponding system/browser:

See our guide in our website to learn more about how to integrate Weex SDK into your app.

Build Environment

The environment required to build weex is categorized by platforms.


  • JDK 1.8+
  • Android SDK Platform 28
    • ANDROID_HOME must be configured by using export ANDROID_HOME=/path_to_sdk
    • Normally, you should install Android Studio to get Android SDK Platform 28 installed.
  • Gradle 4.10+
  • NDK r18
    • ANDROID_NDK_HOME must be configured by using export ANDROID_NDK_HOME=/path_to_ndk
    • Higher version of NDK than r18 isn't not tested yet.
  • CMake 3.4.1+



  • NodeJS 4.0+

This article was tested in MacOSX system.

Build All by Script

This script will build Android and iOS SDKs:

$ bash scripts/build_from_source.sh

This may take a while. After that, you can look in dist/, android/sdk/build/outputs/aar and ios/sdk/Products for Web / Android / iOS SDK artifacts.

Build for Platforms

You can build all SDKs with one script as described above, or just build for a single platform step by step.

Build Javascript Framework

Javascript Framework is required by native SDKs. So this must be built first. Install npm dependencies(You must have node&npm installed):

$ npm install --production

Install build tools:

$ npm run install:buildtools

Build the javascript libraries:

$ npm run build:source

Before build Native SDK

Move min version to Native SDK folder, which will be used by native SDK build.

cp packages/weex-js-framework/index.min.js ios/sdk/WeexSDK/Resources/main.js
cp packages/weex-js-framework/index.min.js android/sdk/assets/main.js

Build Android SDK

  1. Install the Android environment.

  2. Execute the following command

    cd android
    ./gradlew :weex_sdk:clean :weex_sdk:assembleRelease
  3. Output can be found at android/sdk/build/outputs/aar

Build iOS SDK

Execute command below to compile iOS SDK:

$ xcodebuild -project ios/sdk/WeexSDK.xcodeproj -target WeexSDK_MTL

Then you'll find the iOS library(Framework file) under ios_sdk/Products.